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About Us

Deltronic Labs, Inc. is a small family owned and operated company started by Stephen Horniak Sr. in the early sixties. During the first years of the company’s existence, the focus was mainly design and production of various electronic and electro-mechanical devices ranging from simple timing devices to ultra-sensitive meters and gauges. We incorporated in 1968 and began our journey into the coin-operated amusement and family entertainment industry.

Ticket Eaters®

A fully automated, high speed, stand alone Ticket Eater@ that counts and destroys tickets and prints a receipt. TT-2000 fills big shoes, but has a small footprint: Only 21" X 21" X 59"H. A valuable tool to make the redemption process part of the FUN! The customers feed their own tickets into the TT-2000 and enjoy the display and counting process presenting a receipt to redeem their prizes. *NEW* 8 digit dot matrix message displays each ticket value and total points counted - 10 tickets/second!! FULLY PROGRAMMABLE for receipt message/attract mode/message to player!!! Highly reliableThermaI Printer for Fast, Crisp print-outs. Over 2800 receipts per roll!!! Multi- language capability. *NEW* EYE CATCHING GRAPHICS STANDARD Custom Graphics Avaiable *NEW* Superior anti-theft circuits and "Dust Dodging" Technology! NEW* AUTO- FULL Bin detect, Re-Set and Print Also available as updates for existing TT-2000's. *NEW* Audio Option using Deltronics Sounder!! Custom sounds available!! Kit available for field upgrades! Use our Re-Sound 2000 software and create your own sounds!! *NEW* Powered by the AP-100 CPU and fully operator configurable using our TT-2000 Manager Software! Direct replacement for existing TT-2000 logic PCB

Ticket Dispensers

"Quick Release" Ticket Dispenser ~Industry Standard for over 45 years!~ Quick Release face plate with no tools required for removal. The dynamic new design allows the ticket dispenser to "quickly release" from its face plate on your cabinet or ticket door. This can be done manually and no tools are needed. This gives you complete access to the front of the rollers and to the ticket guides. Plus you can "snap out" one ticket dispenser and immediately replace it with another in just seconds.