Ticket Dispensers

“Quick Release” Ticket Dispenser

~Industry Standard for over 45 years!~

  • Quick Release face plate with no tools required for removal.
    • The dynamic new design allows the ticket dispenser to “quickly release” from its face plate on your cabinet or ticket door. This can be done manually and no tools are needed. This gives you complete access to the front of the rollers and to the ticket guides. Plus you can “snap out” one ticket dispenser and immediately replace it with another in just seconds.
  • Bottom metal ticket guide
    • The longer, more durable ticket guide extends through the face plate allowing for better guidance plus a larger opening in the face plate prevents curled tickets from catching.
  • Foolproof braking system
    • Our impressive new braking system eliminates brake slippage allowing foolproof, accurate dispensing. The new design also reduces wear and tear on the dispenser.
  • Optical sensor dust cover
    • Eliminates the possibility of ticket dust accumulating on the optical sensor, increasing accuracy and reducing maintenance.
  • Validation rollers emboss tickets